Welcome to our guest cottage. Set in the grounds of our house, the cottage is
small, cozy and welcoming. Step in and look around.


Touring brocantes and flea markets is part of the fun of the countryside here, but it's not always easy to find the right addresses or know when to turn up for the best buys.

I am happy to offer brocante tour weekends, either on fixed dates, or tailor made on dates of your choice.   I adapt a programme of 1 - 4 days, to fit in with what you want to see, what sort of brocantes you'd like to visit.  You will be welcomed as friends.  These tours are exclusive, friendly and fun!

If you are a professional buying for a store at home, then I can lay out a full package including non stop shopping at dealers, who often open their warehouse to my clients.   Accommodation in our cottage, storage of goods in our barn, liaising with shippers and help with inventory and paperwork.  If you would like more details drop me a line.

For more information and if you have any questions email me here.